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“I love volunteering for Green Plate Special! GPS really values its volunteers, we are treated with respect and I love the way we are literally included at the table for the communal meal. Whether it’s taking care of the chickens, teaching youth in the garden or the kitchen, every moment is helping to – make a difference.”

– Debra Page, GPS Volunteer

“Thank you Maia! I really needed this refresher. It’s been a while since my volunteer training session and I’ve found myself forgetting the techniques you model and reverting to my own dictatorial style. I will definitely keep going back to these guidelines to try and relearn how best to communicate with youth(even my own)!”

– Rita, GPS Volunteer



No sheets available at this time.

Youth Programs

Title Date Open Spots  
Madrona Elementary School: 3rd Grade from March - June N/A 3
Invest in Youth - After School Enrichment N/A 0
Madrona Elementary School: 4th & 5th Grade (March-June) N/A 0
Cooking Series with Odessa Brown Children's Clinic N/A 0
Giddens School - Field Trip March 30, 2018 0
Spring Break Camp April 9-13 April 9, 2018 2
Horn of Africa Services - Field Trip to GPS April 21, 2018 4
Epiphany School Field Trip to GPS May 4, 2018 4
Broadview Elementary Field Trip to GPS May 18, 2018 4
Graham Hill 5th Grade Field Trip to GPS May 25, 2018 2

Garden Maintenance

Title Date Open Spots  
Wednesday Gardening Hours 10AM-12PM February 14, 2018 - April 4, 2018 15
Friday Gardening Hours between 10AM-4PM February 16, 2018 - April 6, 2018 22

Chicken Care

Title Date Open Spots  
Weekend Chicken Care March 17, 2018 - May 27, 2018 12

Volunteer Training

No sheets available at this time.