Supporters (old)

Green Plate Special programming would not be possible without the generous support of:

Corporate Grants, Foundations, Trusts, Businesses and Individuals


Special Thanks To

Mark Torrance Foundation
Laurel Foundation
Staich-Ruedi Family

Further Support From

Delta Foundation
Glassybaby LLC
Laucks Foundation
Minneapolis Jewish Federation
The Peach Foundation
Washington Attorney General
Washington Women’s Foundation
Whole Foods Market – South Lake Union
Wyman Youth Trust


Elizabeth and Mike Hilton


Shelley McIntyre


Amy Theobald and Cara Beth Lee
Stephanie and Theo Beack


Brian Lawrence and Jeff Sabado
Claire Mitchell
DeForest Architects
Joanne Herron
Keith and Lynne Carpenter
Maggie Hooks
Victoria Reed



Adrienne Ross
Agnew-Rupp Family
Alice and Pete Dewell
Andy Neubauer and Kirsten Nygaard
Anne McCormack
Bonnie Baker
Cathleen and Walter Beauchamp
Curtis Kiepprien and David Haack
Donna Lou and Peter Bladin
First Tech Federal Credit Union
Gretchen Garth and Stix Hooper
Jane Orvis and Steve Hanson
Jason Kettler
Jeff Mosier and Tamra Chandler
Julia Nenke
Katie and Bob Strong
Kristi Tubbs
Kristin Maidt and Dillon Murphy
Lawrence and Sandra Hudson
Lyle and Gretchen Sorensen
Maggie Walker
Mark Busto and Maureen Lee
Mary Orvis
Michelle Walker
Nina Crocker and Stephen Gillet
Orion’s Memorial Fund
Pacific Trends, Inc.
Paul Maybee and Lorraine Barrick
Point B, Inc.
Renee and Dan Erickson
Renee Willette
Robin Brownstein
Sara Dickerman
Spark Charitable Foundation
Susan and Furman Moseley
Susan and Michael Fry
Susan Johnson and Philip Jones
Toby Bright and Nancy Ward
Toni and Erica Miles
Ty Cramer and Steve Romein
Virginia Stout
Webster Family Foundation
Wendy and Bernie Aquino
Zevenberg Capital Investments


Ann Gorai and John Clark
Barbara Feasey and William Bryant
Barbara Wright and Dwight Gee
Café Presse & Le Pichet
Candy Marshall and Jerry Stehlik
Cathy and Ted Millan
Chris Hahn and Radmila Sarac
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
Doug and Carlene Ingerly
Eleanor and Gary Hamilton
Erich Gauglitz
Gina Harris
Gwen and Stan Brown
Henrik and Rebecca Strabo
Janeway-Wright Family
Jayne Lindley
Jill Singh
John Mark and Shawn Mead
John Shadoff
Joyce and Gary Way
Julie Tall
Lark Restaurant
Linda Cies
Little Uncle Restaurant
Kate Janeway and Howard Wright
Kris Sigloh and Chris Allen
Linda Cies
Louise Mooney
Margaret and Robert Thompson
Mari and Peter Offenbecher
Marilyn Tausend
Mary and Peter Kerr
Maureen Waters
Michael and Patti Meyers
Mike and Gail Rona
Pam and John Waltner
Sally Ketcham and Alyx Fier
Sarah Parsons and Jey-Hsin Chen
Sean Doull
Sheila Urquidi and Lois Breen
S.O.S. Foundation
Stacia Green and Martha Dale
Steve Knipp
Susan Elizabeth
Tamra and Colm Nelson
Tom Sikov
Travis Rupp and Jon Topolski
Val Markus
World Spice Merchants


Andrea Bollinger
Ann Rudorf
Barbara and Jack Anderson
Barbara Parker
Ben’s Bread
Bonnie and Paul Ramsey
Brenda Fong
Brigid Bender
Carla and Don Lewis
Cevin Allen and Rob Peters
Contour Fence
Dale Woodard
Dan Arrington and Kate Marler
Dawn Baldwin
Debra Page
Denise and Ben Nelson
Devin and Emily McComb
Devon and Marla York
Doug and Robin Ferguson
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Sinclair
Ellen Wallach and Thomas Darden
Elliott Phillips
Eric and Ina Holzer
Gwyn Ganjeau
Helen and Jeff Day
Hoang and Hieut Nguyen
Hope Stroble
Isabel Johnson
Jane Lantzy Lewis
John Healy
John Morse
Julia and Jeff Schoenfeld
Julija Gelazis
Katie Busby
Kim Holderman
Kimberly Corrigan
Laura Waltner and AJ Aquino
Lauren Weber
Lisa Wahbe
M.J. Kelly
Marina and Lane Hudson
Mark McIntyre
Maryann Martin
Matt Harmoan and Lucy Bisongano
Megan and Peyton Smith
Monique Lalonde
Nancy and Paul Richards
Nancy Noble
Norma and Angi Ramos
Patricia and David Sanford
Patxi’s Pizza Ballard
Roger Tucker
Sally Hurst
Sarah Parsons and Jey-Hsin Chen
Sarah Rogers
Serafin Aquino
Shelly Cohen
Spencer Charitable Fund
Stephen L. Derham
Stu and Patty Spencer
Susan and Cam McIntyre
Suzanne Baldwin
Valerie Enger
Vif Wine/Coffee
Virginia Wyman
Wendy and Allen Rassmussen

Advisory and Professional Support
Brigid Bender
Eleanor Hamilton
Julian Dewell
Mark Torrance
Renee Willette
Stephanie Beack

Collaborators and In-Kind Support
BBA Design
Capitol Cider
Chinook Wines
City Wide Fence
Environmental Works
Links, Incorporated
Madrona K-8 School
Otto Rosenau & Associates
Rainier Scholars
Sawhorse Revolution
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Shabazz Delta Academy
Swanson’s Nursery
Teal Designs
The Ruins
Thistledown LLC
Washington Middle School
Wood Stone Corporation
YMCA Family Mental Health