Announcing 2021 summer camp! 

We’re so excited to announce that Green Plate Special will host summer camps for the first time in almost 2 years!  We have reworked some of our curricula to be COVID-19 safe, but you can expect a summer full of classic Green Plate Special fun: caring for our flock of chickens, planting and harvesting produce in the garden, cooking delicious meals, and sharing food with families. Our summer camp will be open to youth ages 9-14 or rising grades 4th-8th.

Registration for the 2021 Summer Camp has closed.

Contact us via email at 206.602.6845 or at if you need assistance or have any questions.

Camp Themes

  1. Earth, Body, Community - Want to explore how to best care for yourself, our earth, and the local community? We’ll tend to the garden and its creatures (including our flock of chickens) and make fun creative art projects.  Be part of the growing process of the garden and cook tasty foods that are also good for your body (yes, pizza can be healthy food and you’ll make that, too!)   
  2. Week in the Life of an Urban Farmer  - Ever wonder what it would be like to be a farmer? What about a farmer in the city? Do they eat and cook differently than the rest of us? This camp will dive into the daily routines of working with the soil. Learn to tend the garden, harvest, and cook garden-fresh dishes. Summer is full of life, and we will explore the bounty of the season together!  Yes, you’ll cook with our wood-fired oven, too!  
  3. Around the World  - This camp will be full of world exploration! Learn about the origins of your favorite dishes, and the different ways people cook these dishes in all corners of the world. We’ll explore recipes and make foods like dumplings, soups, flatbreads, and more, using fresh veggies from the garden and spices from around the world. Plus, you’ll cook with our wood-fired oven!

What is included in the program? 

  • BREAKFAST, a healthy and tasty SNACK, and LUNCH are part of each day (we ask that you DO NOT bring lunch or foods from home)
  • Garden vegetables and cooking leftovers are often taken home at the end of the day 
  • Friday Pizza Party! Make and bake your own pizzas in our outdoor wood-fired oven! 
  • Caring for our flock of chickens and garden-focused art and science projects

Our "pay what you can" policy gives all families the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. 

Full Cost: $600. Some Options: $550/ $400/ $300/ $150/ $75/ $30 

Camp Schedule





Summer Camp 1: Earth, Body, Community     

July 5 – July 9 



Summer Camp 2: Urban Farmer 

July 12 – July 16 



Summer Camp 3: Around the World 

July 26 – July 30 



Summer Camp 4: Earth, Body, Community 

Aug 9 – Aug 13 



Summer Camp 5: Urban Farmer 

Aug 16 – Aug 20 




Need to stay longer or arrive early? Hang out with us in the kitchen until your friends arrive. Board games, books, and other activities are available to start your morning or end your day. Join us after 8:00 AM and stay until 5:30 PM.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Green Plate Special is committed to keeping our families, campers, and community members safe in regard to COVID-19. Below is a summary of the expectations and precautions for all participating campers, families, staff, and any individual coming onsite. COVID-19 guidelines are subject to change based on current information from local public health officials. 

  • Facemasks: All campers, families, staff, volunteers, and anyone entering GPS will be required to wear cloth facemasks at all times while onsite, except when removing them to eat or drink while maintaining social distancing. This will be the expectation for all individuals onsite regardless of their vaccination status.  

  • Social distancing: To promote social distancing, almost all programming will be completed outdoors in the garden and in our covered outdoor kitchen spaces. Campers, staff, and volunteers will commit to maintaining at least 3 feet of distance throughout programming.  

  • Pre-entrance screening: Campers, staff, and any individuals entering GPS will be required to complete a verbal survey asking about known COVID-19 exposure and potential symptoms of COVID-19 before being let onsite. If guardians are present for camper drop-off at GPS, they will be asked to stay present until their camper has completed the survey before leaving. If the guardian is not present during drop-off, they will commit to ensuring that their campers are not symptomatic with COVID-19 and have had no known exposure before sending them to camp.  

  • If there is a known COVID-19 case during camp: If there are any known COVID-19 cases among staff, campers, students, or volunteers, all families and community members present will be notified. Any camper showing symptoms of COVID-19, who answers and confirms “yes” to any of the screening questions, or with known exposure to COVID-19 will be required to miss the rest of the camp session week in progress (or that she/he/they are registered for) and will be credited towards participating in future camps at GPS. If guardians decide not to continue sending their camper to GPS because of a known COVID-19 case and potential risks to their child, they will be credited for future camps as well.  

Questions? Contact Green Plate Special at or call 206.602.6845. 

We have an exciting line-up of activities planned for all the camp weeks. We will also be cooking some delicious meals. We are so happy to share the recipes with the community. These recipes gave been compiled over the years by Laura Dewell and GPS educators.

Click Here to browse camp Recipes

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