Volunteer Celebration

Adult Volunteer Celebration: 

On Saturday, June 12, we organized a small gathering to celebrate and honor our Adult Volunteers who supported us through this spring.

We pre-heated our pizza oven, picked fresh greens from the garden for salads, brewed some simple syrups using freshly-picked garden herbs, set the tables, and waited as our guests for the evening began to join us.

We gathered together in an outdoor space without masks (we're all fully vaccinated) and just spent time together. We made new connections, bonded over pizza and drinks, and simply enjoyed the moment we were in. It felt surreal. 

A big and heartfelt thank you to all the volunteers who supported us and continue to do so. We love you and are always grateful for your service. 

Youth Volunteer Celebration: 

On Wednesday, June 19, we organized yet another party to celebrate our wonderful Youth Volunteers who joined us this spring through the end of the school year.  

The party started with introductions and a solo walk in the garden which invited the youth to reflect on their time at Green Plate Special. The youth then each assembled their own pizzas and proudly shared them with their families.  

It was so joyful to have our youth and their families sharing meals together in the garden again. These are the moments we've been missing so much this past year. 

Thank you to all the families for believing in us and sharing your youth this spring. We are honored to have youth on our site and guide them in discovering and building their relationships with nature, food, each other, and their communities. 

We can't wait to welcome you all for Summer Camp this year!

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