Our first Plant sale

After months of planning, planting, transplanting, caring for soil and chickens, we finally concluded our Plant Sale on Saturday, May 15 with utmost gratitude.

The plants on sale were varieties of tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, winter and summer squash, greens, herbs, and flowers. The inventory can be found here.

The day of the Sale began with our devoted volunteers organizing and prepping the space - arranging plants, setting up payment processes, putting up signs, and feeding the chickens for the day.

We saw a rush hour right after opening the gates and felt so much love and gratitude connecting with the members of the community.

We welcomed over 200 members, sold over 700 plants, raised over $4000, and donated more than 250 plants to our partner organizations - Seattle Indian Health Board and Black Star Farmers.

This Sale was made possible by our sponsors, all members of the community, our board, our mighty volunteers, and our devoted staff. We are grateful to all for their continuing support. 

Special shoutout to our sponsors:

  • Adaptive Seeds - Donated over 300 seeds that allowed us to grow these plant starts.
  • Swanson's Nursery - Donated the soil in which we potted our own plants, plants for the sale, and also the plants for the partner organizations.
  • Orca K-8 School Garden - Donated varieties of tomato plants.
  • Flexe - Donated Green Plate Special branded tote bags which were provided to our shoppers.

Thank you all for believing in us.

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