Mixed Media Art Activity

Winter may be a time where things are slowing down and growing less, but there is still so much variety of colors and textures in the garden, in yards, and by the sidewalk and streets. This winter scene has some of these found treasures, as well as some cut outs from one of our old seed magazines!

Ready to make your own? Don’t be afraid to explore as many colors, materials, and textures as feels right to you! If you want to share yours, feel free to tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

Land Art

Land art is a fun way to use what’s in the environment around us to create art that’s outside and accessible to anyone walking by the woods, the beach, the sidewalk, or the road. To celebrate the winter solstice, we used dried materials we found in the garden and in the neighborhood around GPS. Some types of land art are temporary, including this one on the corner outside of GPS! So people will walk by and enjoy it, and eventually it will blow away in the wind, rain, or by feet. The other special thing about this piece is that it’s under a streetlight - so on long winter nights, when the streetlight turns on, the art will be illuminated! While it lasts of course. Want to give it a try? Feel free to find a light and create your own masterpiece.

Winter Solstice Poetry

Poetry can be one way to describe the world around us and the world inside of us, even with a limited number of words. I invite you to come up with a poem that is a line of 5 words, then a line with 7 words, then a line with 5 words again. Maybe add a title to the top to tie your poem together!

Look familiar? This poetry structure is based on a type of Japanese poetry called Haiku. Interested in learning more about Haikus? Check out some more info here: https://www.tofugu.com/japan/haiku/ or some of the great Haiku poets: Matsuo Basho, Kobayashi Issa, Hisajo Sugita, and Kana Hasegawa

This poem can be about winter, the winter solstice, nighttime, or your memories about winter. What does winter feel like to you? What is winter like in your community? How does winter compare to other seasons? You can write whatever feels right to you!

Poetry can be angry, sad, joyful, silly, or serious. It can be wild or in control, sloppy or neat. There is no bad or good, just putting some of the words in your heart out into the world.

Want to share? Post your poem on Instagram or Facebook and tag us (@greenplatespecial) - we’d love to see what you come up with!

Droplets on bare branches fall

Mud splattering on bus tires through puddles

Hot chocolate warming cold hands

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