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“I love volunteering for Green Plate Special! GPS really values its volunteers, we are treated with respect and I love the way we are literally included at the table for the communal meal. Whether it’s taking care of the chickens, teaching youth in the garden or the kitchen, every moment is helping to – make a difference.”

– Debra Page, GPS Volunteer

“Thank you Maia! I really needed this refresher. It’s been a while since my volunteer training session and I’ve found myself forgetting the techniques you model and reverting to my own dictatorial style. I will definitely keep going back to these guidelines to try and relearn how best to communicate with youth(even my own)!”

– Rita, GPS Volunteer


Madrona Elementary School: 3rd Grade from March - June

Join us at Madrona Elementary School to lead small groups of 3rd grade students in hands-on activities in the class room and the school garden and take a field trip to Green Plate Special. Together we will explore the garden and worms, harvest and plant, and make a delicious meal on our field trip. Projects include seed choices and planting in the PNW, snack-making and nutrition, and garden-focused arts & crafts.

  • Thursday -- in-school session -- Mar 22 -- 11AM-3PM at Madrona School

  • Thursday -- in-school session -- Apr 26 -- 11AM-3PM at Madrona School

  • Thursday -- field trip session -- May 31 -- 9:30AM-12:30PM at Green Plate Special (exact time pending)

  • please commit to all sessions or contact us before signing up

*To volunteer for youth programming all volunteers need to have attended a Green Plate Special volunteer training session. If you have not attended a training session and would like to volunteer - please email Claudia at volunteer@greenplatespecial.org for upcoming volunteer training session.

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Shift Time Volunteer Training Name
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