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“I love volunteering for Green Plate Special! GPS really values its volunteers, we are treated with respect and I love the way we are literally included at the table for the communal meal. Whether it’s taking care of the chickens, teaching youth in the garden or the kitchen, every moment is helping to – make a difference.”

– Debra Page, GPS Volunteer

“Thank you Maia! I really needed this refresher. It’s been a while since my volunteer training session and I’ve found myself forgetting the techniques you model and reverting to my own dictatorial style. I will definitely keep going back to these guidelines to try and relearn how best to communicate with youth(even my own)!”

– Rita, GPS Volunteer


Training for Youth Programming Volunteers

Date: March 15, 2018

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018

Time: 1PM-3PM

To volunteer with youth...

  • attend the Green Plate Special volunteer training session

  • learn about our teaching kitchen and garden

  • learn how to guide safe knife skills the Green Plate Special way

  • explore concepts of youth empowerment and teaching strategies

Ready to volunteer?

  • this training is for volunteers ready to sign up for a youth program

  • opportunities are typically on weekdays in the morning and/or afternoon

  • youth programs include:

    • one-time sessions

    • once a week or bi-weekly sessions for a semester

    • Monday through Friday sessions for Spring Break and Summer Camps

Sign up below or email us at volunteer@greenplatespecial.org

*To volunteer with youth you will need a Washington State background check and a current Food Worker Card; more information about these requirements will be provided at the volunteer training.

Sign up below...

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Shift Time Volunteer Training Name
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