Volunteer page 1“I love volunteering for Green Plate Special! GPS really values its volunteers, we are treated with respect and I love the way we are literally included at the table for the communal meal. Whether it’s taking care of the chickens, teaching youth in the garden or the kitchen, every moment is helping to make a difference.”

– Debra Page, GPS Volunteer


Summer Camp #5: August 7-August 11

Date: August 7, 2017

Monday - Friday | Morning or Afternoon

Come and volunteer with 4th through 8th grade youth at our "Around the World" week-long Summer Camp! You will lead a small group in exploring the world - learning where favorite veggies came from first and the different ways people cook these vegetables in all corners of the world. Activities include gardening, cooking, and art projects. Together we will harvest, prepare, and share our lunch every day while we explore the flavors of the world!

  • sign up for the entire week (Monday through Friday)

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*This volunteer position requires that you have attended a Green Plate Special Volunteer Training. The next volunteer training is scheduled Monday, June 6 from 1pm-5pm - to register please sign up on our website.

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Shift Time Volunteer Training Name
Shift Time Volunteer Training Name
8:00AM - 1:00PM #1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
12:30PM - 5:30PM #1: Shelley M.