Annie grew up on a farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where she developed a lasting interest in how people, plants, and animals support and provide for one another. She went on to pursue a degree in English from Haverford College, writing her senior thesis on the intricate ways that places impact people’s individual and community identities, in South African literature specifically. These interests have taken her across the world and into a variety of roles, including founding a refugee community farm in Philadelphia, researching and writing for an African poetry radio show in Cape Town, and serving as a wilderness guide and naturalist in Alaska. Hoping to deepen her ability to connect people with land, she pursued a Master of Education from the University of Washington, with a certificate in Education for Environment and Community from IslandWood. She sees Green Plate Special as a unique setting in which young people can explore their relationships to place, and she hopes to make the garden a space that welcomes, engages, and inspires youth from all backgrounds in this endeavor. In her free time, she loves reading, beekeeping, hiking, and cooking, especially with produce she grew herself!

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