Howdy! My name is Max and I'm so excited to be a senior youth intern, GPS is basically my second home and I'm honored to be able to have this position, I have always felt so welcome and loved when I'm there, and I always have a superb time at camp, I am 15 and going into my sophmore year, I love listening to music, playing video games, writing stories and watching movies. I love all sorts of plants and learning about their medicinal uses. I really want to be either a teacher or a baker when I'm older.

I dabble in photography and art, and I really want to learn how to animate, I also like musicals and I really want to learn how to write one. I also do special effects makeup sometimes, I have lived in Seattle all my life and I'm proud that I have gotten to live here at all with all the wilderness we have.

I hope one day to be the best at what I do for a career and to impact and help people and make them feel better, so I hope that to whoever reads this that you have a good week and that something awesome happens to you!

(206) 602-6845
2115 25th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98144

On the corner of 25th Ave S and S. Walker, next to the 2100 Building

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