Meet our Youth Interns: Blue

2 Aug

My name is Blue. I applied to be a Green Plate Special intern because I wanted to feel responsible and I thought it would be a cool new opportunity for me. My favorite vegetable is either bok choy or green beans. My favorite colour is green and I enjoy reading, listening to music, and playing […]

Meet our 2017 Summer Program Interns

30 Jul

Alanna is a student from the University of Arizona studying public health. This is Alanna’s first time in Seattle! After Alanna read the mission statement of GPS, she was ready to pack her bags. The work being done at GPS is very dear to Alanna’s heart. As an aspiring public health worker, she hopes to […]

Veggie Pizza and Iron Chef with Washington Middle School

15 May

This week, students learned about the science behind yeast and bread-making, and then made their own pizza dough to take home. Then, they stretched their dough, topped it with lots of veggies to choose from, and baked their own pizzas in the outdoor oven. Some new favorite toppings included swiss chard and spring onions, both […]

Sunny Afternoons with Washington Middle School

24 Apr

During this exceptionally rainy Seattle spring we’ve lucked out with some unexpected sunny afternoons perfect for getting outside, having fun in the mud, and getting some planting done. Our HOST group from Washington Middle School are now experts at working together to transplant starts and plant seeds directly in beds. They including use rulers to measure, […]

Worms and Edible Flowers at Washington Middle School

21 Apr

We recently spent two full days at Washington Middle School exploring gardening with almost the entire 6th grade class. Our focus was on sustainability and stewardship. Together we talked about soil and compost, and did some planting! Students learned the difference between dirt and soil, and discussed the importance of composting. Then, they acted out […]

SAAS 8th Grade Field Trip

17 Apr

This spring we had a visit from a big group from Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences (SAAS). During this field trip, which was this group’s first trip to the garden, we focused on nutrition in the kitchen. We cooked up some nutritious lunch options: soba noodle and rice noodle salads with lots of veggies. […]

Exploring soil with Madrona K-8

13 Apr

We’ve been busy with spring planting with students from Madrona K-8! In the last month, students learned about what seeds need in order to be successful. We started peas in the greenhouse that we transplanted into garden beds this week. Students learned to started tomatoes and peppers in the Green Plate Special greenhouse, and direct-seeded root […]

Summer Market Stand Youth-Intern Application

30 Mar

Are you going into 7th, 8th or 9th grade? Have you participated in: 2 or more Classes or Field Trips? 1 or more Programs (during or after school)? 1 or more Spring or Summer Camps? YOU are eligible to apply to work with Green Plate Special this summer! Sell vegetables and fruits from our Produce Stand […]

From Soup to Sushi

5 Mar

Our Washington Middle School after-school program is in full swing and we’re having a blase getting to know these lively 6-8th graders. This group splits their time between the garden at Washington Middle School and the garden and kitchen at Green Plate Special. On their most recent visit to Green Plate Special, after visiting the baby […]

Green Plate Special on EcoConsumer on KOMO

23 Feb

This week KOMO and Tom Watson hosted our Program Educator, Maia, and one of our participants and interns, Téa, on their EcoConsumer public outreach program. We were honored to have the chance to share our mission!