Spotlight: Annamaria

2 Aug

Annamaria is one of our four youth interns. She joins us twice a week to learn about the environment, food justice, and the ins and outs of running a business. The internship provides her, and the other youth interns, the important opportunity to gain job experience. It teaches them confidence in handling money, marketing, and communicating with customers. Annamaria has written the bio below and requested that her photos be taken with some of her favorite feathered coworkers.

“I am Annamaria! And I am going to Meany Middle School for 8th grade. To the outside world, I do ballet, pointe, piano and trumpet. But with the help of my friends, we work together to sell produce at the Market Stand every Thursday. My past experience with Green Plate special was attending camps for a few years. I wanted to do this internship because I want to learn responsibility, how to use and count money, and customer service. This internship will also help with public speaking. If you are interested in doing this, you should consider it when you’re going into 7th grade!”