Spotlight: Sa’miah

1 Aug

Sa’miah is one of our four fabulous youth interns. She joins us twice a week to learn about the environment, food justice, and the ins and outs of running a business. The internship provides her, and the other youth interns, the important opportunity to gain job experience. It teaches them confidence in handling money, marketing, and communicating with customers. We dare to say it’s also just a fun time! Sa’miah has written the bio below:

“Hi, my name is Sa’miah and I’m going into 8th grade this year. Also, I grew up in Seattle with my mom and my two siblings. My GPS experience has been participating in a host program at my school (Washington Middle School) and it was very fun and helpful in many ways, like life lessons/skills, and how to cook veggies into food that you would eat on a regular day. I really wanted to do this internship because I could learn how to work with people and work with money. I’m very happy that I got a chance to work here and do this internship. I hope you would want to do this one day.”