Spotlight: Margaret Miller-Bartley

31 Jul

Give a round of applause for one of our summer interns, Margaret Miller-Bartley!

Margaret has had a love for growing and sharing food since they started working on a farm in their home state of New Hampshire at age sixteen. They love the satisfaction of growing food crops, and how eating something you’ve grown reminds you of your connection to the natural systems that are always at work around us. They’re excited to see what that relationship looks like in an urban context. Margaret also believes strongly in the power of sharing food and thinks that it’s one of the best ways to get to know people and build community. They are excited to work with young people to both share what Margaret has learned and to learn from the youth’s perspectives.

Margaret recently graduated from Whitman College with a degree in biology and environmental studies and has loads of plant facts that will hopefully be put to good use at Green Plate Special! It’s always hard to pick a favorite vegetable, but Margaret’s current favorites are potatoes because they’re so versatile and reliably delicious, with the bonus that harvesting them is like finding buried treasure.

Please look forward to our future spotlights, featuring Green Plate Special’s staff, interns, volunteers, and biggest fans!