Spotlight: Candace Jones

23 Jul

Say hello to one of our three 2018 summer interns, Candace Jones!

Candace Jones is a student from Mount Holyoke College, a small liberal arts school in western Massachusetts. She is pursuing a degree in Ancient Studies with a minor in Anthropology and a certificate in Culture, Health, and Science.

Although she attends college far from here, Candace grew up in Bremerton which is directly across the Puget Sound from Seattle. While she has always loved Seattle, this is her first chance to spend quality time in the city. She is very excited to get to know the city and its communities by working with Green Plate Special on something that she is passionate about!

Last year, the opportunity to work with an urban garden in Tacoma revealed her passion for working with youth and food justice as a part of community health. She is very excited to learn about food education this summer! In the future, Candace plans to work in public health.

Food has always been a central part of community and family for Candace. Currently, her favorite vegetable is beets due to its role in creating memories with some of her newest friends.

When she is not pursuing her interests in both modern and ancient health, Candace enjoys listening to new music, writing, and learning crafts like embroidery.

Please look forward to our future spotlights, featuring Green Plate Special’s staff, interns, volunteers, and biggest fans!