Meet our Youth Interns: Sydney

7 Aug

Hi! My name is Sydney and I am a youth intern at GPS this year! You might be wondering what inspired me to apply for this new internship. Well, you’re in luck! I wanted to join GPS because I thought it would be a fun learning opportunity. Not only will this teach me and my teammate’s important business skills, such as marketing, leadership, and problem solving, but will also show us how it feels to work with a team and cooperate with each other.

As a part of the GPS internship, we will be working with fresh produce, including…vegetables! Vegetables are a key part in staying healthy, and my number one pick would be carrots! Carrots are my favorite because they have a unique, sweet and crunchy taste and you can also dip them in many different sauces (yum!).

Finally, about myself! First off, I love art. I have had a liking for it since I was a baby. In fact, I designed a pin for a local run/race, and drew a design for a flyer. I also love video games and enjoy spending my time playing Overwatch on my X-box. One more fun fact is that I like to play basketball, it has been one of my favorite sports for the longest time, and I am excited to get even better at it over the summer!

So there you have it! I am looking forward to what cool, new things come next, and I love working with my other interns, and having fun!