Meet our 2017 Summer Program Interns

30 Jul

Alanna is a student from the University of Arizona studying public health. This is Alanna’s first time in Seattle! After Alanna read the mission statement of GPS, she was ready to pack her bags. The work being done at GPS is very dear to Alanna’s heart. As an aspiring public health worker, she hopes to tackle the issue of food insecurity.

Food. Alanna loves it. Eating it. Cooking it. Teaching with it. Composting it. And everything else in between. When Alanna isn’t covered in compost, she enjoys the outdoors and eating beets, lots of them!


Alec is currently a junior at Whitman College in the small town of Walla Walla, Eastern Washington. He is pursuing a degree in Rhetoric with minors in Politics and Spanish.

Alec grew up on Bainbridge, a small island town west of Seattle where he spent long hours in
the kitchen with his family and also enjoying the outdoors.

His lifelong passion for fresh food and cooking, as well as the opportunity to educate youth through experiential learning, lead him toward Green Plate Special. Through his time at GPS he hopes to find a career path which will be fulfilling and challenging.

When Alec is not gardening and cooking with campers at GPS or tending to the chickens, he spends his time playing soccer and hiking. He also loves to play music and whether it’s a loose jam with youth around the piano or playing guitar with his friends, he is always an enthusiastic participant.


Emily enjoys building community through food and quality time outside with other living things, especially kids and plants! She is spending her summer at Green Plate Special to connect with the youth in Seattle and hopefully get her hands dirty alongside them.

Emily is finishing up her final quarter at Seattle University with a BA in Environmental Studies specializing in Education & Communications and with a minor in French. She plans to go on to graduate school to receive a Master’s in Education and to continue working with youth in urban areas.

With a busy schedule studying and working for a small start-up grocery store, Emily still finds time to spend on her passions, which include reading poetry, cooking, learning languages, and creating music.

Although always changing, Emily’s favorite vegetable for the moment is Brussels sprouts. Lately she has been spending time in the kitchen figuring out all the different ways to make Brussels sprouts so delicious!