Veggie Pizza and Iron Chef with Washington Middle School

15 May

This week, students learned about the science behind yeast and bread-making, and then made their own pizza dough to take home. Then, they stretched their dough, topped it with lots of veggies to choose from, and baked their own pizzas in the outdoor oven. Some new favorite toppings included swiss chard and spring onions, both from the GPS garden. We got to enjoy our pizza together in the sunshine.

Last week, students participated in an iron chef team challenge in three groups. Each group received trays of produce, grains, and meats and cheeses, as well as a “wild card” spice ingredient. They were then left up to their own devices to plan a dish, cook it, and present it. Students focused on how to work together as a team, balance of food groups, taste their creations, and cooking creatively. All of the groups were very impressed with one another’s dishes!