From Soup to Sushi

5 Mar

Our Washington Middle School after-school program is in full swing and we’re having a blase getting to know these lively 6-8th graders. This group splits their time between the garden at Washington Middle School and the garden and kitchen at Green Plate Special.

On their most recent visit to Green Plate Special, after visiting the baby chicks and brushing up on their knife skills, our WMS youth made two winter soups. One group worked on a Winter Squash and Potato soup, featuring a beautiful Blue Hubbard winter squash that we harvested from the GPS garden in the fall, and potatoes that students harvested from the Washington Middle School garden in the fall. Another group of youth made Winter Vegetable Minestrone, featuring GPS Scarlet Runner beans and Butter beans and frozen GPS tomatoes. We enjoyed the soups with fresh bread and salad, and as always the youth got to pack up leftovers to take home to share with their families.

The week before our soup adventures, we made sushi at Washington Middle School. We discussed
the history and health benefits of sushi before learning how to use a sushi
mat to roll their own makizushi. Along with the nori and sushi rice, ingredients included: daikon radish, carrots, cucumbers, daikon sprouts, shiso leaf, lettuce, enoki mushrooms, avocado, salmon, prawns, and tuna.

Soon we’ll be planting peas in the garden as our first planting project of the spring with this group!