Meet Our Youth Interns!

26 Jul

GPS Youth Interns Summer 2016


CHARLES DIRKSEN, 7th grade, Washington Middle School

My name is Charles, I’m 13 and I’m a intern at green plate special. The reason I became a intern at green plate special was because I wanted to practice having a job and learn how to be responsible and all the skills for my future. I first learned about green plate special when I stated doing their after school program. I stared it because I wanted to learn how to garden so I could make the garden at my home look nicer and I also wanted to try lots of foods that I wouldn’t of known of if I didn’t go to GPS. GPS has help’d me try new things. I’m Charles Dirksen and that was my Bio.

DARLENE PIERRE, 7th grade, Washington Middle School

Hi my name is Darlene Pierre. I am an Haitian America 12 year old girl. I go to Washington Middle School. I all ways love to cook new foods. When I’m in college I would love to know more about foods in the world. G.P.S. has gave me that image of how will I look when I’m in my cooking show. They have helped me with a lot of stuff in life. Like a good job helping me with my future and invited me in to their program in to their lifes to. They have shown me the right way to run a bisness in my older life. But yes I will have trouble with G.P.S. but I will allways love G.P.S because they are a part of my life. Thank you Mom and Dad for signing me in this loving program and thank you Ms. Lora for teaching me.

From Darlene to G.P.S.

KIM NGUYEN, 7th grade, Washington Middle School

Hi my name is Kim and I am an intern and Camper at Green Plate Special. I am 12 years old and this is my first internship/job. I chose to do this internship because I want to practice life skills so I know what to expect in the future when I apply for a job. Some of my hobbies are going fishing, crabbing, swimming, traveling, camping and of course asking questions. You can also apply for a summer internship job at the time you are in middle school between the age of 11 and 14. You can also go to summer camps. Hope to see you soon at Green Plate Special.

TÉA FORTUNE, going into 8th grade (been with GPS since 6th grade)

I’m Téa, I’m a senior intern at GPS and I’ve been with them for almost 3 years. When I first got to know them I was in Health Class, they came and spoke to us about it and I wasn’t into it at all. My Mom found the paper work one day in my backpack and signed me up. After leaving the first day I fell in love with Green Plate Special. I loved harvesting and watching things that I have grown grow! And now I’m an Intern with them. It’s my second year doing it and I have more responsibility and control and I get to make decisions! Who doesn’t like doing that! Green Plate Special really is special and I’m glad my Mom signed me up.